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N-Rich Plant Food:  America's leader in producing a dry, water soluble starter and foliar fertilizer that is marketed to today's progressive farmers.

    In 1973, the original concept of  N-Rich Plant Food, Inc. was derived from the idea of instant orange juice going to the moon with the astronauts.  The concentrate was more efficient to transport.  That sparked the idea of an instant fertilizer that would be more economical and efficient to transport to farmers.

     In 1978, from this idea, N-Rich Plant Food, Inc. began manufacturing and distributing a technical grade starter and foliar fertilizer from Humboldt, SD.

     In 1994, the current President of the corporation retired and the remaining shares were them purchased by long time employees, Gordon Jensen, Sophie Jensen, and Daniel Jensen.  Since that time, the company has been very successful and the business has grown year after year.

     Even now in 2014, N-Rich Plant Food, Inc. is still expanding and growing.

     N-Rich has many sales personnel throughout the Midwest and Canada.

     The company's goals have not changed over the years.  Our goal is to continue to create new and better ways to serve our customers.

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